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I taught SAT, EST, and ACT in top international schools in Egypt won multiple teaching awards. I learned TEFL at Notting Hill College; moreover, I earned my TEFL certificate from the American Institute of Professional Studies (AIPS). English and teaching are my good passions. I have taught English classes at several international schools and tutored online students from all over the world: the UK, Egypt, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Turkey, and Sudan. Moreover, I am committed to helping students succeed in SAT, EST, ACT, & IELTS exams; I guide the students in their understanding and comprehension of solutions rather than give them answers to everything immediately. My students are appropriately challenged and become excited about being able to solve challenging questions they never imagined they could. My tutoring style is friendly yet directed. I do my best to make our time working together count; furthermore, I am extremely good at identifying problem areas and working with students to strengthen them. I have a unique gift for clearly explaining concepts and methods. Nevertheless, I can outline step-by-step approaches to questions that greatly aid student understanding. I am flexible and will make sure you get the knowledge of the material out of our tutoring sessions.
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"I cannot teach anybody anything.I can Only make them think"- Socrates

Comma Rules SAT ACT EST

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A proven way to ace the SAT ,ESt, and ACT.

Group Lessons

Online lectures are all about intriguing one’s mind to focus on group and individual interaction. And inquiry-based learning is the best method, in all types of schooling, be it distance learning or in schools, to motivate the students to study and research. Well-rounded group lectures have various benefits. One of which is opening your mind to different ways of thinking and understanding things by watching your companions’ progress and learning from their mistakes. Also, it enhances one’s self-esteem by interacting freely with their educator. And what better way than music to guarantee excellent performance and experience.

Personalized Lessons

As for students who prefer to take lectures individually, the educator will provide them with their full support during the whole lesson. Furthermore, one on one sessions will be structured according to each student’s individual needs. If you believe that your son or daughter performs better during private sessions, a well-tailored lesson plan will be the best option. The student’s private educator will focus on enhancing their student’s skills and individual talents.

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